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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Blogging is Going to Make a Strong Come Back out of Decline

I am perhaps a good example to prove that blogging has indeed suffered a noticeable decline. I opened a blog in Blogspot in 2005. I became a fulltime blogger in 2006 and was forced to leave this field in March 2011 because of sick health. I was not doing that bad that time as my blogs were getting at least 200,000 page views a month. I have experienced more than half a million page views at my finest months. In fact, this blog still gets nearly 2,000 page views a day.
I feel that the best time of blogging was 2006-08. It was like a gold rush and many people wanted to emulate successful bloggers. Adsense earning was high because the demand was growing for content in Internet. From the middle of 2008 things started to cool down for two reasons: Facebook was becoming popular and then came Twitter. The second reason was economic recession. The recession brought new players like Examiner and Demand Media. The recession also drove advertisement revenue down even for large blog networks. In fact, we are yet to get out of the recession.
Facebook is surely now the more popular form of expression both personal and corporate. Facebook certainly more registered users than Blogspot and Wordpress. The popularity of Facebook is going to increase for the next 5-10 years as more users from poor countries are going to join. Well, the same thing can be said about blogging too. The top blogs in Internet are still mainly USA based. This is going to change in the coming years. There is huge potential for increase of blogging in other languages too.
Another reason of increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter is the rise of smart phone. I know many people who frequently check their Facebook account in their mobile phone. Many just take photos and upload directly to Facebook with their smartphone. Blogging is a text based thing and typing or reading a blog with smartphone is not a very comfortable experience.
Although Twitter is basically a text based service, it was created to make best use of your mobile phone. Yes, it is like sending a sms and that is why Twitter became so popular.
So, will blogging become extinct? No, I don’t think so. I feel that blogging will remain popular for many years to come. In Facebook or Twitter, we can find hardly any long article. Most of the time we can find just sharing links of blogs and websites or YouTube videos. So, if you want anything substantial there is every reason that you will read it in a blog and then share or tweet it.

I even feel that blogging will make a strong come back as the global economy recovers a little bit. There is always need for new content and blogging can provide it. Also, still around half of the global population are out of Internet. When they join then surely will find many more bloggers sharing their stories. Personal style blogs will become more popular. 

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