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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tekbi: A Blog About Mobile Journalism

Mobile journalism is a new concept in the media world. Hardly many of you have heard about this. Even in Bangladesh, it will be hard to find anyone who is familiar with this word. But it is thought to be one of the most popular medium of providing news in the next five to ten years. It may not be less important than main stream media and we may see it as an important part of the main stream journalism.
Mobile journalism has not got huge popularity yet. It will soon get popularity among the young generation because of increasing the use of Internet and mobile phone.
Mobile journalism is also somewhat related with mobile phone. Mobile phone is the most used device in this modern world. The increasing capabilities of mobile phone are making the task easier to provide information instantly from anywhere. Mobile phone is no more a talking device now. It can be used to capture photos, record videos and audios. That is why, this device can play an important role for collecting and providing information.
If you are interested about mobile journalism then you can visit this blog- Tekbi. This blog will provide all types of information about this new concept.

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