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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Junior Seau found dead: Time to Help Players

Junior Seau found dead and it has come to a great shock to many people. What went wrong for this player? He was not only a good football player but also, he was dedicated to his profession as well towards helping others in the society. Why has Junior Seau committed suicide? It is a grea mystery.
If you want to know about the story in details then visit the following links:
It is time that the sports authorities not only in the US but also in whole world start to help the players after they retire. Sports is after all a trillion dollar industry and perhaps is bigger than the movie industry. The players have to suffer inhuman pressure both physically and emotionally. Often, you are injured but you have to play for your club or a family member has died and then instead of mourning, you have to play. The media people praise you to the sky and fans idolize you.
Of course, the players should just start contemplating on their own lives. How far are they ready to go for money and fame? Drawing this line is not easy and that is why, the media, the fans, the club owners and the players themselves should start a dialogue about it.  Or else, more and more Junior Seau will be found dead in the coming months and years.  

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