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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Megyn Kelly: Not everyone excited with the Pepper spray Comment

Megan Kelly is now facing a lot of criticism in Twitter after her comments about the throwing of pepper spray overs students by police. She supported the police action there in her interview on Bill O'Reilly. Now, many persons in Twitter are posting negative comments against Kelly.
This matter has become so big that it is now in the Google Hot Trends. Kelly tried to state that being hit with pepper spray is not that a big deal and secondly, the police did their job within the boundary of the law. It sparked strong protest in Internet among some of the students and they are in number criticizing Megyn Kelly in various websites and social media sites.
Those who are angry with Megyn Kelly feels that she tried to ‘downplay severity of UC Davis pepper spray attack’. Well, I suppose that any publicity is good publicity and it is the day of Megyn Kelly to take center stage.
Megyn Kelly works in Fox News Channel as an anchor and many people are surely eagerly waiting to see how she responds to the criticism thrown at her. 

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