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Friday, March 11, 2011

Waiting for an iPad in Long Queue: Does it really Matter?

It surely does not matter to a person like me and I am unable to understand what the big deal is about waiting in a long queue for buying an iPad 2. After all, Apple has not said that there is shortage in supply. It is perhaps the other way round. There are enough iPads (version two) and all you need to do is just to wait for a day or a week.
It is all good news for Stevel Jobs and other Apple bosses. The second version of iPad is expected to become more popular than the original version. However, 2011 can become a challenging year for Apple in the tablet market because we are going to see a number of Android run tablets coming from different companies.
For the time being, things are really rosy for Mr. Jobs at least in the US market but we cannot say the same thing for Asia and Europe.

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