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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Samsung Series 9 Ultraportable Laptop: The Price is only $1,649!

The price obviously indicates that Samsung is going after Macbook Air. Samsung Series 9 Laptop has many good features but I am not sure how many consumers in USA will become excited to go for it instead of Macbook Air.
The weight of the laptop is some less than 3 lbs. The screen size is 13.3" and Series 9 laptop runs on Intel Sandy Bridge corei5 processor. You get no point for rightly guessing that it has 4GB DDR3 RAM. The laptop also has 128 SSD. The battery power is around 6.5 hours- not bad for a high end device. LED-backlit SuperBright Plus display is one of the attractive features.
Samsung has claimed that the device will give comfort to the eye and you will get good experience from the display.
Needless to say that with the price tag of $1,649, this laptop is mainly targeted for business and well off consumers. They want the design to be posh and the design of this Samsung Series 9 laptop is really attractive. The display is very nice too.
Still, I am not that much convinced simply because of the price. The comparison with Macbook Air comes to our mind automatically. Macbook Air has emerged as the big hit in high end laptop market. 

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