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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nokia Tablet to Feature MeeGo OS?

The question might have taken you by surprise. Nokia is a mobile phone manufacturer and the Finish handset maker has not revealed anything about whether it would join the Tablet PC market.

Well, there are some rumors suggesting that Nokia might come up with tablet PC looking to gain some share of the tablet PC market. If Nokia finally jumps into the tablet market, you might think that it would feature Windows operating system for its tablet PC, given the recent deal between Nokia and Microsoft for Windows Phone platform.

According to this deal, Nokia from now on would use Windows Phone for its future smartphone models. However, rumors have it in the media that Nokia might choose MeeGo operating system for tablet, instead of Windows OS.

Why? Well, it seems Nokia may want to bring out its tablet this year so that it does not become too late to enter into the tablet PC market. Microsoft, on the other hand, would not come up with Windows 8 OS until next year, and Windows Phone cannot be used in tablet PCs. That means Microsoft would launch its first tablet-enabled operating system Windows 8 in 2012.

MeeGo is a Linux-based operating system developed jointly by Nokia and Intel. At the moment, this operating system is mainly used in mobile devices, especially smartphones. However, tablet PCs can also be run on this operating system.

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