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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New MacBook Pro having problems accessing iTunes Home Sharing

The newly upgraded MacBook Pro models of Apple are facing trouble with upgraded iTunes Home Sharing features. A support thread in Apple’s Discussion forums received more than 200 complaints regarding this problem.

Users of the new MacBook Pro laptops are saying that they can not stream content from their notebooks to Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads. Apple Insider reports:

"This is turning out to be a bigger problem than I thought with many people giving up and returning their new MBP 2011 due to this conflict. Apple has yet to find a fix but it has been widely documented via phone through AppleCare and through many Apple retail stores," wrote one reader.

According to forum user 'themacbear,' the new MacBook Pro was able to stream to a second-generation Apple TV at first, but then the Apple TV reported being unable to connect or would display the error message "There are no movies in this library."

Apple launched its newly upgraded MacBook Pro models on February 24, 2011. On March 2, 2011, along with iPad 2, Apple released iOS 4.3 with newly improved Home sharing features. Apple also released iTunes 10.2.1 and iTunes 10.2 that are compatible with iOS 4.3.

Aside from the new MacBook Pro users, older MacBook Pro users are also facing this problem.

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