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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mac App Store has more paid apps than iOS app store

On March 18, 2011, Distimo, an app store analytics firm, published a new report which revealed that Mac App Store has more paid apps compared to the iOS app store. It also said that Mac App store apps have higher average prices compared to the prices of paid iPad apps.

The firm reached this conclusion by looking at the 300 most popular apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac App stores. The firm said that Apple iPhone and iPod Touch apps are downloaded more than five times as often as iPad apps. On the other hand, compared to the amount of app downloads at the Mac App Store, the iPad apps are downloaded more than five times.

However, the download difference is covered up by price difference between the two app stores. In just two months after launch, the sales revenue generated by top Mac App Store is half the revenue generated by the top selling iPad app sales.

At the end of February, Mac App store had about 2,225 apps available in the U.S.

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