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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ideas Apple should steal from others

Over the years, Apple has become the company, whose ideas have been stolen by other companies. Apple should also try this approach. Yes, stealing idea is not a crime. For example, Apple introduced the multi-touch iPhone and over the years, other handset makers took the idea. Cult of Mac has come up with some ideas that Apple should steal from other companies.

Apple can introduce a “multi-player gaming and communication system” like that of the Xbox live. It will enable players to play games with other players from a long distance. They can play and chat with each other.

Apple can introduce gesture based control to its Apple TV remote to make people’s lives a bit easier.

Now that Apple iPad tablet PC is the top selling tablet PC in the world. It should now include a pen input.

Apple iTunes for Windows is of very poor quality but Windows Media Center on the contrary is a very well written and well-planned app and Apple should take the interface.

Apple should also adopt the idea of Microsoft Surface the MPG (multi-touch, physics and gestures) technology to make its iOS devices more magical.

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