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Friday, March 18, 2011

Has Kevin Rose left or is Leaving Digg for Good?

If you are a regular user of Digg then you know very well that Kevin Rose is the founder of this popular website. Before Twitter became so popular in 2009, Digg was the cool website for thousands of people. So, it is sad for me to see that MR. Rose is leaving it.
Of course, there has no official confirmation TechCrunch has written about it and in the homepage of Digg, this story is getting a lot of comments. According to that report, Kevin is ‘Closing Round On New Startup’.
In the last one year, Digg failed to maintain its momentum. There were some attempts to sell it. According to Alexa Ranking Digg is still doing well. May be, Kevin Rose has lost his interest and he is eager to put himself in a new venture.
By the way, there has been no official confirmation from Digg yet. 

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