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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Front Camera may do it for HTC Thunderbolt

Tomorrow, Verizon Wireless will start to sell HTC Thunderbolt smartphone that has 4G wireless Internet facility. Well, I think that one of the most attractive features of this smartphone is its front facing camera. The front facing camera has 1.3 MP capacity. This feature may win some hearts for Thunderbolt.
What is so special about 1.3 MP front facing camera in a smartphone? Well, first of all, many smartphone handsets do not have 1.3 MP front facing camera. Since Thunderbolt has 4G wireless Internet facility, it will help you to have good quality video chat. This is an attractive feature for business users as well as ordinary people.
Just imagine that you and your girlfriend both have Thunderbolt handsets and then you can do voice chat in a very good way because of this 4G and 1.3 MP combination.  The same goes for business users. You are a car or you are enjoying your weekend and you want to do a voice chat with an important client. Then Thunderbolt will be a great phone. 

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