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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Engadget is hiring Tech Writers: Are you Interested?

There is no need to write about the popularity of Engadget. It is one of most visited websites on earth. The good news for tech bloggers, journalists and writers is that Engadget is hiring.
There are 4 posts: Senior mobile editor, HD / classic editor, Reviews editor (laptops, mobiles, etc.) and European Editor. I could not find any mention of the salary or compensation package but I guess that it is good. Otherwise, so many people would not work and try to make it as perhaps the most visited technology blog in the world.
Well, although I am a fan of the website but I am not a big fan of their writing style. May be, my first language is not English and that is why, often the humor of Engadget posts go over my head. 

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