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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Amazon Tablet Could be a Threat for Many

There are rumors doing the rounds regarding a tablet PC from Amazon. The largest online retail store, Amazon, has already seen extensive success with the Tablet-sized e-book reader: Kindle- which is still pretty much popular among the readers.

Tablet PC is now perhaps the most popular product in the technology world. After Apple revolutionized the market with the iPad launch last year, many companies are now entering into this market.

Naturally, Amazon is also thought to be one of those companies to be willing to come up with a tablet PC. In fact, there are many who believe that Amazon has already started planning regarding its own tablet. No doubt, a tablet from Amazon would definitely pose considerable amount of threat for Apple iPad, the dominant force in the tablet market.

How? Well, today I encountered an interesting article on PC World where the writer, Peter Smith, talked about the feasibility of an Amazon tablet and the impact it could have on the tablet market.

The writer believes that a tablet from Amazon would be a threat not only for the likes of iPad, but also for other digital content distributors like Apple app store for applications, Steam and Impulse for gaming, and Netflix for video-on-demand etc.

Amazon is currently selling books, music, movies, software, games etc. online and an Amazon tablet would only facilitate its digital content business.

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