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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Chelsea vs Arsenal Live Updates: EPL 2010-11

Chelsea (2) vs Arsenal (0)

93 minutes: Chelsea had a few more opportunities in the last couple of minutes, but nothing happened. The match ended 2-0 for a Chelsea victory.

88 minutes: Arshavin replaced by Vela.

85 minutes: Free kick for Chelsea. Koscielny was booked. What a GOAL from Alex. His fiery free kick beat the Arsenal keeper. Chelsea is now 2-0 to Arsenal.

82 minutes: Ramires was offside. Now, Ramires going out as Zhirkov coming on to the field.

80 minutes: Chamakh failed to keep the Rosicky's cross in the near post. Wilshere replaced by Jay Emmanuel Thomas

79 minutes: Ferreira shown yellow card for bringing down Rosicky.

75 minutes: Anelka's shot from inside the box was saved by Fabiansky.

73 minutes: Ivanovic replaced by Paulo Ferreira.

70 minutes: Ashley Cole scored for Chelsea only to be canceled for off-side.

67 minutes: Chelsea is on attack now.

63 minutes: Arsenal was looking for another opportunity through small passes, but Cech was ready to grip it.

60 minutes: Chelsea was on the verge of getting another goal, but Anelka failed to beat the Gunners keeper in a one on one situation.

58 minutes: Arsenal threatened again, but still failed to earn the equalizer.

56 minutes: Another corner for Arsenal, but Chelsea defense was up to the mark.

54 minutes: Corner for Arsenal. Visitors are trying their best to come back in the match.

50 minutes: Free kick for Arsenal. Nasri's corner was not capitalized.

46 minutes: Second half started just now.

Chelsea is leading in the match 1-0 at the moment, but both sides had fair share of their chances. While Arsenal players like Arshavin, Nasri, Chamakh failed to find the back of the net despite having some genuine scoring opportunities, Drogba just brought the break for the Blues. The second half is expected to be exciting too.

45+4 minutes: First half action came to an end with Chelsea leading in the match.

45 minutes: Diaby looked badly injured. Following a tackle by Essien, Diaby's ankle got twisted. He is taking treatment on the field.

42 minutes: Chamakh had a very good chance in the box, but he lost the possession.

39 minutes: Drogba scored another excellent goal against Arsenal. Ashley Cole's pass was sent into the Arsenal goal by the Ivory Coast international.

34 minutes: Clichy superbly fends off another Chelsea attack. Moments later, Fabiansky made an excellent save for corner.

30 minutes: 50-50 possession in the first half an hour, reflecting the condition of the match. Nasri just had a very good chance, but shot it wide.

29 minutes: Arshavin's shot was saved for corner by Cech

25 minutes: Another attack from Chelsea, but Arsenal got the possession now.

23 minutes: Arsenal threatened in the Chelsea box, but nothing happened in the end.

20 minutes: Nasri's corner well-gripped by Chelsea keeper.

18 minutes: Both sides are looking for opportunities. Essien's header to Drogba's corner went just wide off the target.

15 minutes: Malouda's corner cleared by Diaby

10 minutes: Neither side could score yet.

Live score and updates of today’s Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal will be given in this entry. The match is going to take place at the Stamford Bridge.

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