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Friday, September 24, 2010

Toshiba announces Toshiba Satellite L635 for Kids

Toshiba has unveiled its latest laptop, Toshiba Satellite L635, which aimed the kids. The Toshiba L635 is a 13.3 full size laptop not a netbook. It is perhaps the first laptop for kids from Toshiba. It comes covered with a rubber neon membrane and infused with kid-friendly software. It is priced at $500. The device is not much expensive compared to other netbooks. Even its widescreen is three sizes bigger than average netbook.

The L635 laptop looks to be similar like a basic compact notebook. The laptop is designed thinking about kids in mind. However, the design is limited to the keyboards and shell. Its keyboard is wipeable and resistant to liquid and scrap, and the shell is fingerprint-resistant.

It has KidZui (an Internet Explorer) for kidz browser. It can be organized so that it requires a password to exit or goes straight into it upon boot up. Another important feature is NetNanny, which is pre-installed into it. NetNanny, which gives the usual parental controls, will allow parents to monitor their kids’s IM buddy list. With the help of these software, kids can learn early how to circumvent censorship software.

It includes Batman game. Its CinemaNow feature includes two pre-paid movies: Princess Frog and Toy Story 2.

Other features are an Intel Celeron DC4600 processor, 2GB of DDR3 memory, and a 160GB spinning hard drive. It also has a DVD burner, three USB ports, a memory card reader, and Ethernet.

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