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Monday, September 06, 2010

Nintendo Wii console will be sold lower price for Black Friday 2010

If you are fan of computer games then you should hear the name of Nintendo. It is one of the popular companies that provides gaming console. This Japan-based well known company is facing tough competition by two rival companies- Sony and Microsoft.

Ahead of the Black Friday 2010, Nintendo has not announced anything new for Nintendo Wii console. So, it is thought that Nintendo Wii will fight against motion control enhancements from Sony and Microsoft with the price. It indicates that Nintendo will decrease the price of its Wii console for this year’s Black Friday.

Where both Microsoft and Sony have launched their new devices there Nintendo has not announced anything new to launch for Black Friday. In that case, they will decrease the price of the Wii to fend off the Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move attack.

The matter of concern is that if Nintendo could use a slogan along the lines of "Get a whole motion control game console for the price of Kinect". It is quite possible. Last year a Nintendo Wii was offered for $150 including a gift card.

Including Kinect Adventures, the Kinect bundle is available for $149.99. Priced at $99.96, Sony’s Move is much more likely to be the cheapest option of the trio.

The upgraded Wii Bundle including MotionPlus is currently selling for $199.99, but it would sale for less than $150 this year.

On the other hand, the old Wii bundle cost $179 on Walmart right now. It is expected to go as low as $99.

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