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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Doctors, lawyers and businessmen opt Apple’s iPad for their work

It is needless to say anything about Apple’s iPad. Any user must know about it. What is new is that Apple’s iPad is one of the most attractive devices that has been chosen by other business users including law, medicine businessmen. It helps them to ease their workloads. However, many people still believe that it is yet to replace a laptop or a desktop when it comes for writing long documents.

What is interesting is that lawyers are using iPad tablet PCs in their works. Lawyers of the Chicago-based law firm, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, have been allowed to use iPads. It is also seen that 100 of the 800 attorneys around the globe are already using iPads at their own expense.

iPad is much cheaper compared with a typical laptop that is used in the IT firms. Where a laptop costs $1,500 to $2,000 there an iPad can be bought at $499. It is guessed that from next year lawyers might be offered iPads instead of laptops.

Lawyers have been offered to opt between a workstation and a laptop, but they have to purchase it themselves without reimbursement if they want an iPad. Barnas said;

“The firm's IT professionals have OK'd the iPad's security and manageability and can provide limited support to a road warrior having problems logging in, authenticating or using Citrix Receiver. But the IT department can't fully provide remote support for the iPad itself.”
Except iPad, Sonnenschein will allow users to use iPhone but not its first version. However, law firm supports 800 BlackBerry smartphones, but about 300 lawyers use iPhones.

Another profession that accepts the use of iPad for their work is doctor. A doctor said that the low profile of iPad does not make the patient feel uncomfortable during exams. The big advantage of iPad is that doctor can use his iPad to interact with patients’ electronic health records.

Interesting thing is that every profession is accepting Apple’s iPad.

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