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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Will Fernando Torres Stay at Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson, the newly appointed Liverpool manger, is now hopeful that Fernando Torres would stay at Anfield. Recently, Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, who has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid, has joined Liverpool’s pre-season training. Now, if it has an indication of Gerrard’s staying, then Hodgson believes Torres would also follow his captain’s footstep.

Fernando Torres has been heavily linked with a move to Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona, but his recent injury picked up during the final match of the World Cup has reportedly deterred Chelsea’s interest.

However, Fernando Torres has not yet pledged his future to Anfield and is yet to reveal anything on his club future. Now, the question is whether Torres would stay at Liverpool.

Well, it vastly relies on the future of Steven Gerrard and Hodgson’s plans. Torres is now 26 and would like to win titles. He may already have a very successful career, but he has not won many titles at club level. Most importantly, Torres would like to play in Champions League consistently. So, his decision would be greatly influenced by the future of Gerrard and the quality of Hodgson’s new signings.

Real Madrid manager is reportedly planning to give a last shot to secure the service of Gerrard. Now, if Gerrard leaves, though it seems less likely at the moment, Torres could also see his future away from Liverpool. Hodgson has recently signed Joe Cole to indicate that he would try for Premier League title next season.

Overall, it seems the future of Fernando Torres is still shrouded in uncertainty.

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