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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Earn Money You have to Enjoy Blogging

The reality is that blogging is like any other job. You have to work regularly and then money comes. If you do not like the idea of working long hours then blogging is not for you and there is no doubt about that. However, working long hours is not enough. You have to enjoy the work.
This goes for any field. When we like something and we feel interested about it only then we can shine in it. If your goal is to just pass the hours and days then you can maintain your job but it becomes difficult to shine in your job.
In blogging, you have to enjoy your work. Yes, it is a lonely and tiresome job but it has its own enjoyment too. The thing that attracts me most is the matter that each day hundreds of people read our entries. It is not that they enjoy everything we write.
Sometimes, people thank us because they found something that they were searching. May be our entry helped them to do their homework or assignment. May be our entries helped them to get some enjoyment.
When they write these things, it gives us a lot of happiness. I enjoy this part of blogging too much and this makes me motivated to work harder. 

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