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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parents' Day 2010: Some Reflections

Parents' Day is celebrated in the United States in the fourth Sunday of July every year. It is mainly a very new and recent event. The main spirit of the days to thank and respect the parents. There is nothing bad about it and it is nice to see that some people in India are getting interested about this day.
What is really funny is the matter that in Europe and America, the institution of marriage and family are losing their importance. Of perhaps the most Important wish of the parents of every child is that when they become old they do not have to go an old home but they can stay with the children. This is impossible for Millions of people living in Europe and America.
Parent's Day in the United States is more or less a combination of Father's Day and Mother's Day. The occasion is quite enthusiastically celebrated across the country on the fourth Sunday of every July. Traditionally, the holiday is mainly observed by young children who present their parents with greeting cards, flowers and small gifts. Many children on this day get up earlier than their parents to make breakfasts for them and thus give them a treat. The occasion also witnesses many children organizing enjoyable activities like song or dramatic performances to provide entertainment to their parents. In turn, parents are found to take their kids out for a sumptuous dinner in the evening.

The good part is that in south Asia, still people live with their father and mother and this way the old people do not become lonely and helpless. Of course, With the modern ideas sweeping across all the major cities of south Asia and if particularly India, this matter is surely going to change it and within a few years of parents day will become important to remember that we have father and mother.
Well, it is perhaps wrong to always blame the children because the parents should also come forward to decrease and minimize misunderstanding and unhappiness in a family. Generation gap is never a very good thing but it always exists everywhere.

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