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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nokia Ovi creates opportunities for mobile phone content developers in Bangladesh

Nokia is the market leader in the mobile phone market of Bangladesh. It has been in Bangladesh for quite sometime now. It is now going to create some opportunities for local mobile phone content developers in the country.
I received a press release from the company and I am giving it here:
From the 31th of July, 2010 Nokia, the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile devices, will invite Expression of Interest (EOI) from mobile content developers in Bangladesh to join its global community of developers under a program entitled Grow with Ovi. Bangladeshi mobile content developers will be provided the opportunity to market their content to the global audience through Nokia’s Ovi Store. Ovi Store, launched worldwide in May 2009, offers downloadable mobile games, applications, videos, images, and ringing tones for Nokia devices.
Eligible mobile content developers, once they have signed up for Grow with Ovi, will work with Nokia to create mobile applications specifically for Bangladesh. The content developers will have the opportunity to market their content to a large audience through the Ovi Store, alongside established global application developers. Once an application is selected, the content developer will be able to co-market their product with Nokia to local consumers through device preload and joint marketing campaigns on Ovi Store, which is a great opportunity.
Ovi Store creates a platform for mobile content developers to showcase their talent and creativity and provides unique opportunities. Recently, on the 21st of April 2010, one of Ovi Store’s mobile content developers, Off-screen Technologies, broke records with a combined 25 million downloads of their applications. These applications were downloaded from 210 different countries, a number higher than the number of UN member countries, highlighting Ovi Store’s geographic reach.
Nowfel Anower, Head of Marketing, Nokia Emerging Asia Ltd. said, “Globally, the mobile application market is set for a stellar growth. According to a recently published study from Wireless Expertise, a UK-based research firm, the mobile application market is estimated to increase from $4.66 billion this year to $16.60 billion in 2013. In Bangladesh, there are plenty of content developers and mobile applications developers who don’t have a proper platform to fully utilize their talent. Grow with Ovi, will hopefully create this platform and connect local application developers to their potential consumers both in the domestic and export market. ”
Nokia has more than 55 million active users of Ovi services globally and that number is growing day by day. Bangladeshi developers and content publishers are key to Nokia’s plan for the mobile future. Nokia aims to support local developers in bringing their ideas to commercial reality. “If you’ve interacted with the Bangladeshi developers, it’s hard not to be impressed with the creativity and talent Bangladesh has harnessed. Nokia is delighted to collaborate with them to offer localized mobile content for Bangladeshi consumers in future” Mr. Anower added. 

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