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Monday, July 05, 2010

Keep on Trying even if you Fail in Losing Weight

Today, when I woke up then I felt some light and I found that my weight was 102 KG. Of course, when I will eat my meal then it will perhaps go to 103 KG but I feel light. Because of eating just loaf and cheese for the last 7 days, I feel better. Actually, losing weight is not my main goal this time. Instead, I am trying to avoid spice for the time being.
I could not start eating more salad yet. I mainly eat some fruits, loaf and cheese. Changing eating habit is the main thing. It is even more important than doing any physical exercise. However, changing eating habit is almost an impossible task.
If you live an active social life then you have to join parties and naturally in parties most of the time a lot of heavy and fat food items are served. Fortunately, I am not a very social type of person and I don’t attend parties regularly.
In my home, I have decided that when there is something to celebrate then we will arrange healthy food parties. It is odd but from now, we are going to do it. For example, the next time, we arrange a party, it will mainly consist of fruits, salad and soup.  
It is 9 months that I have been trying for my health. Sometimes, I won and sometimes I lost. In the last 9 months, I always tried to decrease weight and I lost. This time, I want to eat good food. Now, when I am some hungry I eat some cheese. In the past, when on diet, I took very small amount of food and could lose weight quickly and got back weight very fast. This time, I want to eat normal but healthy. I don’t want to starve or be very hungry. There is a lot of loaf and cheese in the refrigerator and whenever I feel some hunger then I eat some.
Just a few days ago, I lost hope and felt very sad and frustrated as I could not win the war against weight loss. However, today I feel much better and fresh and optimistic.  
So, now, things are beginning to be better and I hope that I can start working from tomorrow again. 

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