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Monday, July 26, 2010

2011 Ford Explorer: Your favorite SUV is coming with major upgrades

On July 26, 2010, Ford unveiled its all new Ford Explorer 2011, at a news conference in Millennium Park. The big question is, whether the car will be well received by the SUV lovers or people who want to have a more fuel efficient car than SUV.

Aaron Bragman, analyst, IHS Automotive, said, “It will be very interesting to put this up against the Grand Cherokee, which is still very much the traditional-style SUV,…the new Explorer does not so much feel … like an SUV.”

Now days, American people are leaning towards fuel efficient vehicles but Ford is not going to pitch the new Explorer as a fuel-efficient crossover but an SUV. According to Jim Farley, Vice President, Marketing, Ford, what matters most to the customers whether the car is fuel efficient and have more capabilities not whether it is an SUV or crossover.

The new Ford Explorer is very much different in many ways from its predecessor. Instead of the familiar boxy look of the SUV, the new Ford Explorer 2011 comes with a more aerodynamic design which can be seen among crossovers at present. The design of the side body is inspired from Taurus sedans.

The interior of the new Ford Explorer 2011 has many new features including inflatable rear seat belts.

The Ford Explorer 2011 is equipped with a standard V6 engine and offers a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to its predecessor.

The Ford Explorer 2011 will be in showrooms by the end of 2010 and the price of the vehicle will be announced in the next two months. The Ford Explorer 2010 is sold at a price of $29,280.

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