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Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Tug of War Between Spain and England Over Cesc Fabregas

The battle is actually between two clubs not two nations. Arsenal is one of the top four clubs of England. If we look at the records of English Premier League for the last 21 years then we have to say that it is the second best team after Manchester United in EPL. On the other hand, Barcelona is one of the top two clubs in Spanish football. Some years ago, they had a small boy called Cesc Fabregas in their youth team. They had many bright and talented players and most people there did not care for this boy much.
Arsenal’s coach Arsenge Wenger realized the potential of this 16 years old boy and brought him to London. Fabregas got all the opportunities and became a legend just at the age of 22. He was even given captaincy at such a young age. He is loved and admired in London.
The Barcelona people still cannot forget him and they feel that Arsenal took advantage on them. So, now they are crazy to get back Cesc Fabregas.
I wrote an interesting news in South Asia Blog about it: Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal and Barcelona: Who wants What?
If you have time then don’t forget to read it. 

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