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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Real Madrid Targets Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard

Real Madrid has set its target on Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. Real Madrid failed to impress this season despite last summer’s huge expenditure to land the players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka.

Now, rumors in the media suggest that the Spanish giants are eyeing on Mourinho and Lampard and the club would make a big amount bid for them in summer transfer market. Given Real Madrid’s typical spending spree, one can not rule out the possibility of Mourinho and Lampard joining Real Madrid.

Real Madrid was surprisingly crushed out of Champions League and is currently 1 point behind leader Barcelona in Spanish League with a match in hand. They can only retain the la liga title only luck favors them. Naturally, Real Madrid is not happy with current coach Manuel Pellegrini and it seems that the club would sack him this Summer.

Well, I do not know whether Real Madrid will succeed in signing the coach and the midfielder. However, even if Mourinho joins the club, I am doubtful about the club’s ability to live up tot the expectation. If you are a Real Madrid fan, please do not get me wrong.

Real Madrid may have many star players, but the team does not look very balanced. Another important thing is that Real Madrid needs to focus on building a strong youth side. After Iker Casillas, its youth side could not produce any quality player for the senior team.

Real Madrid has a different business model and they may have gained some success from business point of view. However, their on-field performance is not satisfactory at all. They could not win Champions League title since 2002 and over the last few seasons they could not even reach the last four of the tournament despite having many stars in the squad.

So, from the point of view of on-field performance, Real Madrid should take up a sustainable business policy so that they can build up a youth side that will be serving the club for a long time.

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