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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Are Indian Players Tired from IPL: T20 World Cup 2010

India is going to open their T20 World Cup campaign later today in a match against Afghanistan. Indian players expected to win the match very easily because Afghanistan is perhaps the lastly ranked team in the tournament. However, there is some concern among many fans in India that the players just finished playing IPL only five days ago. They may become some tired and exhausted.
If the players are exhausted and they do badly in T20 World Cup 2010 then it will break the heart of many people in the country. People are very passionate in India about cricket so, BCCI officials matter should take this matter very seriously and try to motivate the players perform very well. If India cannot win the trophy of the tournament or even at least reach the final then many people in India will get angry then I am sure the media will criticize IPL very bad way. I guess that India vs Afghanistan match would not be a big obstacle today.
Of course, IPL is a money making machine for BCCI officials. They do not care about whether India becomes the champion of T20 World Cup or not. Their main conscious is to earn maximum amount of money from IPL. So, I guess that they are ready to face some criticism and then just forget the criticism and prepare for the next season of the IPL. Of course, before the next season of IPL, there is Champions League T20 cricket that will take place in South Africa this time. 

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