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Monday, April 19, 2010

I ate Some More Today

Today, I was very hungry from the start of the day. So, I ate some Roti with vegetable curry and egg fry. Well, I ate more than I should have and tomorrow, I must control myself and eat at little as possible. When, I woke up today, my weight some less than 102 KG and I had very good feeling for the rest of the day. However, I could not control my hunger and in the end, I ate some more. No problem, when one day, I cannot control myself then the next day I must try my best. Even if I fail tomorrow, I must try the next day. The feeling of fighting against obesity and weight loss is very important.
In fact, now I have realized, I have lost most of the attraction for eating meat. I have not eaten meat in 6 day and I don’t feel any craving for beef or mutton. There was a time, when I used eat 3 times mutton each day. Morning was mutton liver curry with porota. Lunch was mutton Khichuri and dinner was Mutton biriyani. I think the year 2005, did all the damage for me. Anyway, now, I have to try for whole one year. I have again become very optimistic.
This time, I noticed a very good thing. I am getting energy without coffee or tea. Also, when I am on diet, I can work. 

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