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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Sleepless Night with Obesity

The birds have started signing outside of the window. It is now 5:25 AM in my city and within 30 minutes, the sun of the new day will rise. It is another sleepless night for me. It has been more than four years that I am awake whole night and then sleep until noon. Sometimes, I sleep at 9 AM or even 11 AM in the morning and then sleep until the sun set. Needless to say that it is a very bad habit and unfortunately, it seems that I cannot change this habit. I am also losing the battle of weight loss. Today, I found that my weight is 103 KG. So, I am now living in the obesity range again. Needless to say, things have to change.
For the last few days, I was doing a writing project and I needed to consume some decent amount of tea to keep my energy level enough to do the project. In the last one month, two times, my health became fresh but on both of the times, suddenly, I put a lot of pressure for two days continuously and then became weak and sick. I have lost mental strength to eat good and healthy food and last few days, ate more junk food items like beef, oil, sweet etc. It is like that I am losing both the battle and war against weight loss.
I am just happy for one thing. I have not lost the mental consciousness. Instead, my wanted to lose enough weight, coming back to normal sleeping style, starting some kind of physical activity, good eating habit, I want to get back all of them very soon. It requires a lot of determination and effort. However, the first thing I need to do is to get free from any kind of deadline based work at least for a week. The first thing, I have to do is to start walking and walk a lot every day. Perhaps, only this way, sleeping habit can be changed and weight loss can happen too. In the past, it was like this. I used to do a lot of work and daily, I had to go out a lot and go to different places. Since I started professional blogging, I hardly go out of home.
It is time again to give my best effort to improve my health. When it comes to strict discipline, I am not good at it. Now, I have to do it with all my heart Failure is not an option. 

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