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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Beef Curry, Obesity and bad Sleeping Habit

I was forced to eat beef curry for three days and as a result, my weight has increased by almost three kilograms in one week. Well, most probably, it increased by two kilogram not three. Anyway, it shows that meat is number one enemy of any kind of diet. Of course, I am perhaps in a hurry to decrease weight but it is needed because I have come back in the obesity level. I noticed that my health is become very bad and today I felt very weak.
 I had enough sleep for the last three days and I should feel fresh instead of becoming tired. However, obesity is bad and obesity is now attacking my health and mind both. So, I have to start walking and do some physical exercise but it has become difficult because of complicated sleeping habit.
It started almost four years ago when I started blogging and I used to work whole night. It was at that time needed but in the end, I caught up a very bad habit because when you are young then staying awake whole night is not a problem. I am not getting younger and I am four years older than what I was in 2006. This way, I have noticed that it is always very important to get good habit in life. If you destroy normal habit of life then you will have to suffer a lot. Now, the biggest challenge is to get back sleeping time and start working again. 

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