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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back to 100 Kilogram Again

I have stopped counting days and night. On December 26, my weight was 100 KG and at that time I was losing weight. I could reach to 99 KG from 110 KG in just two months. Thus, in two months, I could lose 10 KG and came out of obesity. Because of very cold weather, I had to eat more food and it was like some kind of break for two months. I ate more and thus, 6 days ago, my weight reached to 104 KG. So, I was back to obesity again.
Today, I again reached to 100 KG and thus, I came out of obesity. Last few days, I have been trying hard to eat less. So, from tomorrow, I am going to start again from 100 KG weight and this time, my goal is to lose 10 Kilogram in 10 weeks. It is not easy and I know from my past experience that it needs a lot of mental strength. Well, at the same time, I also know that the first few days are very tough. After that it becomes a habit. I hope that I can continue doing it. Now, weather is very good- not hot and not cold. It is spring time in my city.
My plan is simple, I am going to start counting from each Friday. Tomorrow is Friday 26 February 2010. I am going to check every Friday.

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