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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stoke City vs Arsenal Preview and Live Score: FA Cup 2010 Fourth Round

Live Updates
Stoke (3)----- Arsenal (1)
95 minutes: End of the game. Stoke City has won the match by 3-1.
92 minutes: Change of the Stoke City player.
90 minutes: Fabregas took a free kick. But it was useless. Arsenal has no chance to make their come back in the competition.
88 minutes: Change player Tuncay scored a goal but it was canceled because of off side.
86 minutes: Stoke City scored another goal. Now, they are leading the match 3-1. Whitehead scored this goal.
85 minutes: Change of the Stoke City player. Tuncay has replaced scorer Fuller.
83 minutes: Stoke City is attacking more.
80 minutes: Free kick against Stoke. Fabregas took the kick. Nothing has happened yet.
78 minutes: Stoke City has taken a 2-1 lead after scoring the second goal. Fuller scored his second goal in this match.
76 minutes: Changing players are playing well and trying hard to make a winning score. Arsenal went into attack but they could not get any benefit. Through in for Stoke.
73 minutes: Stoke was in attack. But they could not make any score.
71 minutes: Arsenal was in danger. Silvestre saved Arsenal from sure goal by Stoke. He has been seriously injured.
68 minutes: Chance of three players of Arsenal. Arshavin, Ramsey and Eduardo have come to play in the second half.
65 minutes: Stoke missed an easy opportunity to make a score.
63 minutes: Stoke was in attack. But it was saved by Arsenal defender. Corner kick against Arsenal. No goal yet in the secondhalf.
60 minutes: Free kick against Stoke. Arsenal player Vela got a chance to make a score. But he failed.
56 minutes:
Another Free kick against Arsenal but they could not use this benefit. Arsenal goalkeeper could save it successfully. Goal kick for Arsenal.
54 minutes: Free kick against Arsenal. No goal has been scored. Arsenal player was injured.
minutes: Stoke was in attack. But Arsenal goalkeeper saved it. Fabregas took long kick but it went through the goal post after touching goalkeeper's hand. Corner kick against Stoke.
49 minutes:
Stoke was in attack. Campbell saved it by giving corner kick. Both teams are trying hard to make another score to take the lead of the match.
47 minutes: Through in for Stoke. Corner kick for Arsenal. Nothing has happened.
Second half will begin now. So, come back and enjoy live updates.
minutes: First half has already finished. After 10 minutes second half will start.
45 minutes: Arsenal got a corner kick to increase their score. But they could not use it. Stoke defender saved it by giving another corner kick. It is going to be the fourth consecutive corner kick for Arsenal.
42 minutes: Free kick against Stoke. It is the chance to make a score. Arsenal made a score. Denilson scored this goal for Arsenal. It was unlucky goal for Stoke because it touched Stoke player's leg.
minutes: Stoke is playing well.
39 minutes: Arsenal needs good attack if they want to equal the score.
35 minutes: Corner Kick against Arsenal. Arsenal defender saved it successfully. Arsenal was in danger after Stoke player entered in the D box of Arsenal.
30 minutes: Free kick against Stoke. They could not make any score.
27 minutes: Through against Arsenal. Nothing has happened.
25 minutes: Stoke was in attack. They were closer from their second score. But it was their bad luck they could not make any score.
22 minutes: Through in for Stoke. Referee called free kick for Arsenal.
19 minutes: Arsenal got an opportunity to make a score. But Stoke defender were much active.
17 minutes: Arsenal team looks very ordinary against Stoke. Stoke got corner kick but it was useless. Arsenal need strong attack.
15 minutes: Arsenal was in attack but it was saved by Stoke defender.
13 minutes: Arsenal can now show their good form against Stoke.
11 minutes: Corner kick against Arsenal. Stoke could not make any score from this corner kick.
minutes: Arsenal was in attack. However, their attack was saved by the defender of Stoke. Till now Stoke was in attack most of the time.
7 minutes: Free kick against Arsenal. Stoke player could not use this benefit to increase their score.
5 minutes: Arsenal is trying hard to make a score.
2 minute: GOAL- Stocke City has scored the first goal and is leading by 1-0.

Stoke City is going to play against Arsenal in the fourth round of FA Cup on 24th January 2010. The match is going to start at 13:30 GMT and Stoke is the home team and Britannia Stadium is the venue. Whoever wins this match will go to the next round.
Arsenal players and supporters are in a confident mood because of their recent superb performance. They have performed very well and are now in the second position in the league table. On Wednesday evening, they defeated Bolton in a very competitive way. In that match, they won it although trailing by 0-2 goals. They made a superb come back and scored four goals in the second half.
The main problem of Arsenal now at this moment is not perhaps Stoke City but injury. They have already lost a number of players and in tomorrow’s match, they will be without Abou Diaby and Bacary Sagna. Abou Diaby is an influential player in the midfield while Bacary Sagna plays as a defender. So, Arsenal will have to rely on experienced but old players like Mikael Silvestre and Sol Campbell.
Stoke City has no injury problem for the match and it is good news for them. Perhaps the only thing they are worried about this moment is the good form of their opposition site. In the premier league table, Stoke City is currently ad the eleventh position. The two clubs in this season has played against each other just one time. Arsenal defeated Stoke on 5 December 2009 by 2-0 and the match took place at the Emirates Stadium.
FA Cup is a different matter than premier league. We can find that in FA Cup this season, big clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool are already out. So, in FA Cup, smaller clubs have perhaps more opportunities because they focus on this competition more than top clubs. However, in this season, Arsenal is also focusing a lot in FA Cup because they are without any trophy for last five years and the last thing they won was FA Cup in 2005. So, they will want to win it surely.
There is a significant difference in the strength of these two clubs and performance in this season. For example, in premier league, Arsenal has got 48 points while Stoke City has 25 points. On the other hand, Arsenal has goal difference of 34 while Stoke has goal difference of -7 (minus). This matter of scoring goals is perhaps the main concern for Stoke City because they have scored only 19 goals in this season in premier league. On the other hand, Arsenal players have scored 59 goals so far. It shows that Arsenal players have scored three times more goals than Stoke.
You can watch the match live in different TV channels. Different websites will also give live score of the match. I am giving the names of the few of them here:
Live Score
Live Football Scores
I think that Arsenal is the strong favorite to win the match and if Cesc Fàbregas plays then they will really be the hot favorite. Cesc Fàbregas is in top form in this season and he is perhaps becoming the Maradona of Arsenal club at the moment.

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