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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Omitting Meat helps to Make your Body Light: Day 30

I have been writing about my fight against obesity and overweight since 26 December 2009 and today is the 30th day. In the last 30 days, I could not decrease weight even one KG and even I gained 2 KG. Still, I am not unhappy because I have seen remarkable improvement in my eating habit. It was perhaps the coldest spell of one month in my city that I have seen in my entire life but still, I could manage to largely omit the meat from my diet. In the past, I used to eat mutton or beef daily two times even during summer. So, it is a huge improvement.
Funny thing is that although I gained two KG in the last one month, my waist line decreased by 2.5 centimeter. I feel very light in my body from yesterday. I feel that a lot of fat has gone from my belly and I feel fresh and light. Instead of feeling week in my health, I feel more comfortable and I have the feeling that I can increase my work. My heart beat is now normal most of the time.
Officially, I am back to obesity again but I feel very good in my body. I am going to start strict diet again from next Sunday (1 February 2010) and I have the feeling in my body that this time, it will be easier to lose some weight. In fact, I am getting a lot of mental encouragement because in my body, I am improving.
If possible, think of decreasing consumption of meat. I thought that life without mutton was impossible. Now, I can see that it is not only possible but also brings good feeling to both body and mind. 

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