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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Day of Beef Chop: Day 14

No, it was not a disaster but it was bad. Well, I had to go to a person’s home for a work. His wife cooked beef chop and it is considered to be very rude in our culture to refuse under such circumstances. Anyway, I ate some. The good thing is that I skipped my lunch and that is why, my weight did not increase although I ate them.
So, tomorrow, I have to be very careful and I must eat some less than normal. One thing I noticed today was that my health is improving. I can now walk with more ease. I could climb the stairs seamlessly. Even my sleeping habit is improving. I can sleep within 6 AM. Just 2 weeks ago, I was sleeping at 11 AM in morning and was awake whole night.
So, my mood is upbeat despite the fact that I ate beef chops. By the way, if you are a soccer fan then you can read the two entries about tomorrow’s EPL matches:

By any chance, if you are a fan of Arsenal or Man United then you can join me tomorrow in live score of their matches.  
I love giving live score of sports events. Especially, I enjoy live score of soccer matches because they finish within two hours and hundreds of people come to my blogs. Unfortunately, because of weak health, I was away from it for the last few months. Thus, it is nice to see that I am slowly going back to my normal life again. 

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