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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is a Daily Battle: Day 5

Losing Weight is indeed a daily battle. Today, I ate rice, thick lentil soup, mixed vegetable fry (potato, cauliflower and green bean), tomato bharta and brinjal bharta. Thus, I ate enough food but all of them are very light. Today, I could refrain from eating lentil chop. Lentil chop is very tasty and I have been eating for the last one month. However, it is fried in oil and thus, it is some heavy. So, one day, I could really eat light food.
These days, I eat just one or two meals. Rarely, I eat 3 meals. This has helped me a lot to decrease weight and come out of obesity. Yesterday, I ate just one meal and today, I did the same. At night, I may or may not eat the second meal. Even if I do so, it will be a very light meal. It is winter time here and I cannot tolerate cold like most people. So, I am not pushing myself anyway. In my city, January is the coldest month of the year. Every January, it has become like a annual ritual for me o catch nasty cold.
Anyway, I have to eat less every day to gradually decrease weight. I need to decease another 17 KG and it will take minimum 6 months. That is 6 months of daily battle. It is frustrating and sometimes impossible but I have to do it or else have to suffer for whole life.
Now, my philosophy is to lead a daily life. I try to fight with today. I try not regret for yesterday and not get worried for tomorrow. This is the lesson I learnt from reading Dale Carnegie’s books. I don’t want to influence anyone but myself.
It is a difficult war to win but failure is not really an option. 

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