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Friday, December 18, 2009

Funnier Than Fiction: Kwop Kilawtley, Shane Sparks and Tiger Woods

I just wrote 3 entries in South Asia Blog about 3 topics that are getting a lot of attention in Google search at this moment. I found the topics in Google Trends and I wrote about them. If you have time then you can check them.
If you are a fan of Tiger Woods then you are perhaps not happy with your player now. Well, you should read this one: Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement: What are the Details?
You will not any detail information there but it is really funny to see that betting websites are now busy about the future of divorce settlement.
Well, the next topic is not funny but very serious: Shane Sparks Arrested for Alleged Child Molestation
The title says it all and I don’t need to write more.
I am finishing this entry in a confusing note: What Does Kwop Kilawtley mean?
Do you really know or do you want to know? 

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