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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does Arsene Wenger has the Money to buy a Replacement for Robin van Persie?

When it comes to criticizing Arsene Wenger, many people are very quick to point out that his wrong policy of not buying top players has kept Arsenal trophyless for the last 4 seasons. Now, Wenger is eager to buy a top quality striker to replace Robin van Persie who is most likely to miss the entire season because of injury. Now, my question to the Wenger critics, Does he will get enough money from the club to buy a top quality striker. I don’t think that he will get enough money. In fact, he needs to buy two quality strikers and one midfielder.
He turned both Robin van Persie and Fabregas into world class footballers and if Arsenal wants to sell them then they will get millions of dollars.

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