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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Andrei Arshavin about Playing in Arsenal and English Premier League

Andrei Arshavin came to Arsenal almost a year ago and from first, he became the favorite player to the fans. He not only scored goals but also, he always supported others and he scored some very important goals in important matches. He recently, said to Sky Sports that surviving in Premier league is tougher than he thought.
"I expected before I moved to England, if you are a good player if you play for a big team it is easier. But even if you play against Burnley or Wolverhampton, it is not easy - you don't have time to turn or do any dribbling, if you get two touches you're lucky,” said the Russian playmaker.
He is right. English Premier League is now the best football league in the world. You can never take any match for granted here. Best example was that last week, Manchester United and Liverpool both lost while Chelsea could just manage a draw. 

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