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Saturday, December 19, 2009

About Us

Sports37 is a great news source about Soccer and Cricket. Occasionally we cover Tennis too. The Website is maintained by Curry Soft (Registered in Dhaka Bangladesh) and the Domain is Registered with GoDaddy.
The Writers are:
Razib Ahmed (Editor)

I am Razib Ahmed and I have been a journalist for over a decade in my own city. I have published more than 500 reports, interviews and features in more than 20 newspapers and magazines in the last 10 years. I worked at the Editroal Board of Computer Bichitra Magazine. I enjoy sports a lot and I have been covering soccer and cricket for many years.
I did my Masters in English Language in 1999. I have been writing in Internet for the last 4 years and I worker for Know More Media Network, Blog Republic and Cosmofair Network
S. M. Mehdi Hassan
I have done my MA in English Language. I have been writing in Internet since 2006. I live in the lovely city of Dhaka. I used to write at http://www.southasiabiz.com/ until the economic recession closed it in August 2008.

Biplob Kishore Deb

I am studying in North South University and when I am not at university, I am either in front of television or in the stadium. I like to call myself a passionate writer about soccer and cricket. I like everything related to these two beautiful games.
Kamrul Hasan
I am Kamrul studying at Stamford University of Bangladesh. I love to write about Cricket and I manage one of the most popular blogs on Cricket: Cricket Updates . It has over 2,500 Feedburner readers and 50 followers. I enjoy anything and everything related to cricket.  

Abdul Aziz
I used to work at Computer Bichitra (One of the leading ICT magazines of Bangaldesh). My job was to take photographs regularly and doing some reporting works occasionally. 

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