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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Updates of Barcelona and Real Madrid Match: 29 November 2009

Barcelona (1) vs Real Madrid (0)

With this victory, Barcelona has moved to the top of the table with a 2-minute advantage over Real Madrid.

90+3 minutes: The match has finished with Barcelona winning the game 1-0.

90 minutes: Red card shown to Lass. So, Real Madrid is also now 10-men team.

89 minutes: Barcelona came close to the second goal, but Messi's shot was saved by Real keeper superbly.

88 minutes: Free kick for Barcelona.

86 minutes: Corner for Real Madrid, but poorly-taken.

82 minutes: Real Madrid is looking for an equalizer.

79 minutes: Puyol was cautioned for tackling Marcelo.

76 minutes: Eric Abidal had a shot at goal, but it just went off the target.

72 minutes: Corner for Real Madrid. Real threatened couple of times in the last few minutes.

69 minutes: Barcelona got a free kick, but Pique's header just missed the target.

67 minutes: Ronaldo goes out, Karim Benzema comes in.

66 minutes: Another miss by Ronaldo as his header went off the target.

63 minutes: Free kick for Barcelona, but Real defense was up to the mark.

59 minutes: Free kick for Barcelona.

56 minutes: Ibrahimovic scored for Barcelona.

55 minutes: Cristiano Ronaldo had a good run in the left flank, but nothing happened.

53 minutes: Barcelona had a very good attack and got a corner, but nothing happened. Real also had a threatening attack, but Higuain failed to take the shot.

51 minutes: Ibrahimovic comes in place of Thierry Henry.

50 minutes: Sergio was shown yellow card for fouling on Ronaldo.

48 minutes: Both sides are trying to create scoring chances. Real Madrid's Lass was shown yellow card. Free kick for Barcelona.

46 minutes: Second half started now.

Half time. We will be back with the second half action. Till then be with us.

45 minutes: It is now half time at Camp Nou. Real Madrid had the best chance in the match which Ronaldo wasted.

43 minutes: Real Madrid had an attack, but it was cleared.

40 minutes: Goal has not come in the game yet, even though some of the best players of the world are playing in the match.

37 minutes: Another attack from Barcelona. Corner for the home side. Well-taken, but was cleared by Real defense.

34 minutes: Dani Alves was on attack in the right wing, but nothing happened. Goal kick for Real Madrid.

30 minutes: Barcelona is now on attack.

28 minutes: Henry was offside. Barcelona is trying to create chances on long pass, while Real Madrid defenders are making the offside traps successfully.

26 minutes: Another threatening attack from Real Madrid, but Marcello failed to hit it properly.

24 minutes: Barcelona is on attack now.

22 minutes: Goal kick for Real Madrid.

20 minutes: What a miss by Ronaldo and WHAT a save by Valdes. Ronaldo got the Kaka pass and was required to beat only Valdes to open the scoring in the match. Valdes saved it in a superb fashion for corner.

17 minutes: Barcelona is dominating now.

16 minutes: Messi was off side.

14 minutes: Iniesta sent a dangerous pass for Xavi, but Real Madrid keeper was up to the mark.

12 minutes: Foul on Ronaldo by Sergio, so free kick for Real Madrid from just outside the box. Poorly taken by Ronaldo as the it hit the human wall.

10 minutes: Barcelona has played a bit better than Real Madrid in the first 10 minutes. However, neither side dominated the first 10 minutes.

8 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances. Henry's shot was blocked by Real keeper.

7 minutes: Ronaldo had a brilliant run on the left side, but it was wasted in the end.

4 minutes: Higuain failed to reach Kaka's pass in the box.

3 minutes: Barcelona is now on attack. Neither side is dominating at the moment.

1 minute: The match has started now.

Barcelona and Real Madrid will take on each other today in a La Liga match. In this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match. So, be with us to get the live updates of the match. The match kicks off at 18:00 GMT.

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