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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Updates of Arsenal and Chelsea Match: 29 November 2009

Arsenal (0) vs Chelsea (3)

Chelsea has won the game 3-0 and with this victory they strengthened their position at the top.

90+5 minutes: The match has finished with a Chelsea victory.

90+2 minutes: Arshavin was in attack, but nothing happened.

90 minutes: Arsenal players seem to have given up now.

88 minutes: Drogba has been replaced by Malouda.

87 minutes: Drogba scored the 3rd goal of Chelsea from free kick. It is a superb goal.

85 minutes: Free kick for Chelsea as Fabregas illegally tackled Essien.

83 minutes: Time is running out for Arsenal.

80 minutes: Arsenal had another attack, but goal kick for Chelsea.

77 minutes: Chelsae is now on attack, but Arsenal defense was up to the mark.

74 minutes: Arshavin got the pass from Walcott, but failed to take the control of the ball.

72 minutes: Arsenal is attacking one after another. No doubt, Gunners are dominating the game now. Ashley Cole has been replaced by Ferreira.

68 minutes: Deco replaced Joe Cole.

65 minutes: Another good attack by Arsenal, but it was off side.

62 minutes: Arsenal got a free kick, but it did not look dangerous for the visiting side. Another good attack initiated by Fabregas.

59 minutes: Free kick for Chelsea as Traore fouled Ivanovic.

57 minutes: Eduardo comes in, Vela goes out.

55 minutes: Arsenal in in attack now.

52 minutes: Arsenal is trying to score, but Chelsea defense looks very strong.

49 minutes: Arshavin scored, but referee turned it down because Eduardo fouled on Chelsea keeper.

48 minutes: Arsenal was in attack, but nothing happened.

46 minutes: Second half has just started.

Chelsea is lading by 2-0 and it is now half time at Emirates stadium. We will be back with the second half updates.

45+2 minutes: This is the half time and both the goals came against the run of the play.

45 minutes: Another goal for Chelsea. It is a own goal. Vermaelen intended to clear it, but rather pushed it into the goal.

41 minutes: Drogba scored for Chelsea by tapping a left side cross home. The goal has come just against the run of play.

37 minutes: Drogba was shown yellow card for pushing Vermaelen illegally.

35 minutes: Arsenal had another good attack, but Nasri's shot was blocked by Peter Cech.

32 minutes: Cole got a warning from the referee, but no card.

29 minutes: Eduardo was off side, otherwise it could have been an opener for Arsenal.

27 minutes: Arsenal threatened on counter attack, but nothing happened.

26 minutes: Traore shown yellow card. Free kick for Chelsea, but was cleared for throw-in.

24 minutes: Arsenal has better ball possession than Chelsea.

22 minutes: Chelsea got a corner, well-taken, but nothing happened in the end.

20 minutes: Chelsea is on attack now.

18 minutes: Chelsea came close to score, but Anelka failed to beat Arsenal keeper alone in the goal.

17 minutes: Corner for Arsenal, but Arshavin's shot was gripped by Chelsea keeper.

16 minutes: Arsenal had another good attack, but nothing happened in the end. Arsenal players claimed for penalty, but referee turned it down.

14 minutes: It is now raining heavily at the Emirates stadium. Drogba looked dangerous, but was off side.

11 minutes: Free kick for Arsenal. Home side is playing better at the moment.

8 minutes: Arsenal got the first corner of the match, but poorly taken.

5 minutes: Arsenal is in attacking mode. Essien and Eduardo are little injured, but not serious.

3 minutes: Arsenal is on attack now. Arshavin threatened in Chelsea box.

1 minute: The match has started just now.

Two ‘big four’ clubs of English Premier League: Arsenal and Chelsea- are going to face each other today at the Emirates stadium. Football fans are waiting for the afternoon fixture and it will be interesting to see who between the two sides, who have so far been paying mesmerizing football this season, would win the match.

The match kicks off at 16:00 GMT. We will be giving live score and updates of the match in this entry. So, be with us and enjoy the live text commentary of the match.

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