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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar in India vs Australia 6th ODI 2009

The 6th ODI will take place tomorrow morning. It is taking place in Assam. It is a day match but since it is Sunday, the stadium will be full. There will be very high TV rating for the match I think. It is because, at this moment, Australia is leading by 3-2. If tomorrow, Australia wins then it is their series. On the other hand, if India wins then the series will be leveled 3-3 and will be decided in the 7th ODI. Thus, there is too much excitement for the fans. Indian fans are expecting that Sachin Tendulkar can play an important in the 6th ODI. He scored 175 runs in the 5th ODI but Indian failed to win.
So, this time the fans are expecting that Sachin will do something even bigger in the India vs Australia 6th ODI tomorrow. There has been some criticism against Sachin in the past that he is not a match winner like other great batsmen of our time. Perhaps, tomorrow is a good opportunity for him to prove his critics wrong. Well, I think that it is his bad luck that he does not get good support from other batsmen in most of the days he played very well. 

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