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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Arsene Wenger on Record Breaking Pace

It is Arsenal who scored 36 goals from the first 11 matches. This is a new record in English Premier League. Well, more credit goes to Wenger perhaps than the players. When the season started, everyone said that the Gunners will have a worse condition this time as Manchester City paid a lot of money to get their two good players. On the other hand, Wenger just bought Thomas Vermaelen, a defender. He insisted that he has a good squad full of talented but young players. Hardly anyone got convinced. However, the reality is that the club had no money available to sign big players.
Now, after 11 matches, a lot of the doubters have perhaps started to believe. There is feeling and mood at the Emirates that something big may happen this season. Those who thought that Manchester City would oust the Gunners from the top 4 have perhaps started to feel that City lacks a coach like Wenger. Just to give you an example: from 11 matches, Arsenal has goal difference of +22 while City has only +7. It shows the difference between these two clubs.
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