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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arsenal lost to Sunderland and lost the second place

It was a bad match for Arsenal and the players and it did not make Arsene Wenger very happy. Well, I think that they really missed Robin van Persie who was a very influential figure. Injury is turning November a difficult month for the club and yesterday, their match against Sunderland showed that they would have to try really hard if they want to win any trophy this season. Arsenal did not play that bad and in fact in the first half, they dominated the match. However, they could not create decisive opportunities and in the end they were really short of quality strikers. In the first half Andrei Arshavin was in the bench and I did not understand the reason for it. Well, most probably he was still tired from the match that Russia lost and you know that Arshavin is the captain of Russian team.
It was a good victory for Sunderland and you should give some credit to them. They worked very hard and they were determined to get at least one point. Their determination in the end helped them to get full three points and it helped them to become the eighth position team. Sunderland has now 20 points from 13 matches and they are equal with seven plays Liverpool but just behind in goal difference. As for Arsenal, they really need to work harder in the next match against Chelsea. I can tell you that it will be a very tough match to even get a draw.

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