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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too Much Money is a Bad Sign for EPL Clubs

When you earn your own money then really it is a very good thing. However, it seems that some EPL clubs are getting too much money for nothing. You may point out easily Chelsea and Manchester City. However, I would like to talk about Liverpool and Manchester United. Liverpool is struggling financially with loans. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep the balance of their books in a good way. As a result, debt is increasing. So, many supporters are very angry and they are planning a protest march for tomorrow. Tomorrow, Liverpool will host Manchester United in a very important match. The problem with Liverpool is that they have not learnt to follow the style of Arsenal’s coach Arsene Wenger. Liverpool is spending a lot of money on top players and their achievement is not that much better than Arsenal in the last 5 years. Instead, they have run into debts.
You may think that all things are rosy with Manchester United. I don’t think so. They also have been spending too much money on buying top players and players’ salaries. Chelsea and Manchester City will be in deep trouble when the current owners would leave the clubs. 

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