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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Theo Walcott Should Leave International Football for a Year

Theo Walcott plays for Arsenal and also for England national football team and even for Under-21 team. It shows his class and potential at such an early age. However, he suffered from injuries and was out of action for considerable amount of time in the last one year. It is a bad thing for the club, the national team and for the player himself. There is no debate that he has huge potential for the future. A lot of criticism has been raised against Wenger in the last few years that in Arsenal side, there is no good English player. Walcott is best response to the critics from Wenger.
At this moment, it seems to me that Walcott is going to suffer another injury and he should take off from international football for one year and just focus on Arsenal. This way, he would suffer less problem and pressure. On the other hand, he would become a more matured player in a year and would become a great asset for England for many years. Arsene Wenger perhaps wants the same thing like me but he cannot say it frankly as it would draw a lot of negative criticism from the media.
It is Theo Walcott who should come forward and take this bold decision.
Do you agree with me? 

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