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Monday, October 05, 2009

Early Exit of India from Champions Trophy 2009 and Business Facts

There is no doubt, India’s early exit from ICC Champions Trophy 2009 has been a big disappointment for Indian cricket fans across the world. Well, the companies who signed advertising deals for the tournament are similarly disappointed too. Many companies like Maruti Suzuki, Samsung, Tata Motors etc. invested big amount to buy advertising slots of the tournament hoping for their big promotion among the cricket fans across the world.

Indian team has a large fan base and sponsors always look to capitalize on Indian market. So, the performance of Indian team is always an important thing when it comes to a big tournament. I can still remember that following the early exit of Indian team from ICC World Cup 2007 many advertisers were overly disappointed. The same thing happened earlier this year when India got out of World Twenty20 2009 at the Super Six stage. However, India’s triumph in Twenty20 world cup 2007 brought huge success for the sponsors. Overall, it is like a gamble when it comes to invest in big cricket tournaments.

The problem is that cricket is largely popular in India and there is no other country where cricket is considered to be a religion. So, eat cricket drink cricket approach does not go with other test playing countries. It is definitely bad for cricket altogether because cricket has now become a one-country game in the world. Here, BCCI and ICC have to take a big responsibility because their monopoly practice is a big hindrance in popularizing cricket across the world.

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