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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Commonwealth Games 2010: Will it Take Place in Due Time?

Commonwealth Games 2010 will be held in India and it will surely be the biggest sporting event that the country is going to since 1982 Asian Games. In 1982 Asian Games, there was no satellite TV and it did not bring a lot of media coverage for the country. Since then, sports authorities and organizers in the country have failed to get anything substantial in the international arena. Well, the reason is perhaps clear- lack of infrastructure. Indian leaders may feel a lot of competition with neighboring China but China successfully organized Beijing Olympics 2008. On the other hand, there is now some cloud of uncertainty hanging over Commonwealth Games 2010 because the preparation activities are not going smoothly.

AFP reported:
Commonwealth Games Federation chief Michael Fennell will visit India next week to share concerns over the slow progress of New Delhi's preparations for next year's event, a statement said Friday.
Fennell, who warned last month that the October 2010 Games in New Delhi were at "serious risk," will meet with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a six-day visit, the Federation statement said.
"With only one year to go, Fennell is intensely aware of the tight time line that faces the Delhi organisers," it said

Mr. Fennel is going to meet the Indian Prime Minister and from this, you can perhaps understand the gravity of the situation. Normally, this is not a thing to discuss with the Prime Minister. However, things have gone terribly wrong and that is it deserves some kind of intervention and commitment from him. 

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