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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can Stan Kroenke’s Money Match Arsene Wenger’s Style?

Stan Kroenke is the American billionaire and he is gradually increasing his share in Arsenal club of England. There are reports that he is very near to become the owner of 29.9% of the club’s share and then it would result in a mandatory takeover bid. Well, we all know that another billionaire who is interested about the club is Alisher Usmanov. Most shareholders in the cub do not like Alisher Usmanov and I guess that they are hoping for Stan to become the owner. I also like Stan because Alisher Usmanov wants to turn the Gunners into something like Chelsea by pumping a huge amount of money at a short time.
I hope that Stan Kroenke makes good relationship with Arsene Wenger from now and also supports Wenger in developing the young players. It is very important for the club because they still have to repay huge amount of money that had to borrow to build the Emirates Stadium.
Tonight, the Gunners are taking on Liverpool in Carling Cup. I wonder if Stan Kroenke will watch the match or not. 

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