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Monday, October 26, 2009

Arsene Wenger: How to Earn Money from Failures?

We all know that football clubs can earn money from successes. I mean when you become champion then you can earn money. You get sponsorship, big TV rights, ticket sales revenue etc. However, Arsene Wenger has shown the opposite. He has shown how to earn money from failures. Look at his record for the last 5 years. Under his coaching, his club achieved simply nothing. Even, this season, Arsenal supporters are not optimistic of winning anything. Still, Arsenal is perhaps the most profitable club in England today. They are making profits at a time when they are repaying huge amount of debt that occurred as a result of building the stadium Emirates. So, on the one hand, Arsenal is not winning anything for the last few seasons and on the other hand, they are replaying the loan. So, it is perhaps any kind of logic that they are one of the most profitable clubs in the world now.
Eric Altshule has written an excellent report in EPL Talk: Arsene Wenger’s Moneyball Strategy. Eric has talked about some of the strategies followed by Wenger. I am writing some of them:
1. Wenger never went for expensive players
2. He did not go for big leagues like EPL and La Liga. Instead he went for smaller leagues like Holland, Russia and Germany.
3. He picked players at a very early age.
4. Wenger spends largest amount of money among soccer managers for scouting network. It is extensive and covers every corner on earth.
5. After getting a new player he arranges very good training facility.
6. He can get super stars regularly and sell them almost every year.

It is clear that Wenger gives a lot of time for this matter. He is a passionate person about his job and he has the brain and motivation. The more I read and write about Arsene Wenger the bigger fan I am becoming of him. I don’t have a degree like him in Economics. I just wish that I could implement his ideas in blogging. 

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